ASCM January Nature Walks

Thanks to our Nature Walk Leaders for these reports on our January Nature Walks!

January 15, 2011

In spite of bright but cold weather (hey, it's January) only one participant turned out for the January Nature Walk at Audrey Carroll. A thin layer of snow covered the ground, so animal tracks were numerous. As we started down the hill at the back of the long meadow, numerous fresh-looking Turkey tracks criss-crossed the trail, and as we came over the brow of the hill we saw about half a dozen turkeys right in the trail. But of course they saw us at the same time, and they quickly took off in all directions - a spectacular sight.

Thanks to the cold weather, the wetlands were frozen, making it easy to make our way across swampy ground to the creek (Woodville Branch). The beaver dam there was still intact but there seemed to be no fresh cuttings, leaving us to wonder if the beavers have moved on. There was little open water, and the Kingfisher that had been there a couple of weeks earlier was not to be found.

Songbirds were scarce, as they seem to have been everywhere this winter. Nevertheless a small flock of Juncos eventually was found.

Bob Schaefer, Trip Leader

2011 - R. Schaefer & The Audubon Society of Central Maryland

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