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Bird Banding at the Audrey Carroll Audubon Sanctuary

Banding has been conducted at the Sanctuary since 1994. In the years when banding is conducted, it is held on multiple dates during the spring and fall migration periods.

Generally, a total of about 400 feet of mist nests are simultaneously deployed at multiple locations in the central areas of the Sanctuary, in varied habitats. These habitats are the bank of the 3/4 acre pond, which lies above a small wetland; at the bottom a hillside trail, above which is populated by 1.5 acres of dense shrubs and young trees, and below which is bordered by mature hardwoods; another 10 acre hillside which is moving quickly to later stage succession, dominated by black cherry and black walnut trees, bush honeysuckle, and autumn olive; and a bottomland area on the edge of a 10 acre wetland.

Licensed banders and Chapter members Bob and Karin Schaefer initiated the banding program, and subsequently recruited John Weske, formerly Section Chief of the Fish and Wildlife Service, Bird and Mammal Laboratories, Bird Section, to join them. All birds caught have been recorded as part of the North American Bird Banding Program, and, when coincident, counted as part of any official bird count activity.

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 Updated: 05.22.16